How to Make Time in Little Alchemy

How to Make Time in Little Alchemy – Little Alchemy is a relaxing game about mixing things together. You start with the four basic elements and mix them up to make various items.

In the end, you might end up with a Godzilla or a dinosaur, depending on your creativity. However, the game has 580 elements, so using a Little Alchemy Cheat sheet will make it easier for you to get them.

Stuck and need some Little Alchemy hints to create a Time? Take a look at the hints for small alchemy, this could be a solved.

Little Alchemy: How to make Time? Combine the following two elements:

  • Glass + Sand

Walkthrough Little Alchemy: How to make time

Ingredient Combination(s)Resulting Element
earth + firelava
air + lavastone
air + stonesand
fire + sandglass
glass + sandTime

You can keep combining to obtain the following elements using Time:

Ingredient Combination(s)Resulting Element
Time + breadmold
Time + castleruins
Time + coaldiamond
Time + corpsebone + skeleton
Time + daynight
Time + dinosaurfossil
Time + ducklingduck
Time + electricityclock
Time + fossilpetroleum
Time + fruitalcohol
Time + hard roefish
Time + houseruins
Time + juicealcohol
Time + lizarddinosaur
Time + lovelife
Time + milkcheese
Time + Moonnight
Time + nightday
Time + planttree
Time + rainflood
Time + spaceTardis
Time + Sunday
Time + toolclock
Time + wheelclock
Time + wild animalsloth
Time + winevinegar

Find other elements on the following pages:

Little Alchemy Cheats

If you've been struggling with finding the best elements in Little Alchemy, you're not alone. There are numerous methods to find a secret ingredient or make the most powerful combinations.

You can use a guide in or find a YouTube video to help you get started. But if you'd like to skip the tutorial and just jump straight to the action, there are a few tricks you can use to make things a whole lot easier.


When playing Little Alchemy, it is imperative to learn about the different elements in the game. Each element has different properties and can be combined with another element to form a specific object.

The elements are also listed on a toolbar to make it easier to use. The elements that are combined to create new items can include air, fire, water, and earth. A combination of two elements can also give you a random hint.

The first thing to know about these elements in Little Alchemy is that they are not very common. Usually, you will need to combine two elements to create a new item. Some of these elements are hard to get, such as the zombie.

You will have to combine at least 16 different items in order to create one zombie, which is the most expensive item in the game. In addition to the basic elements, there are also some additional content packs in Little Alchemy.


Combinations are an important part of Little Alchemy, which is an addictive game where you can combine elements to create new items.

There are 580 elements in the game, so there is no shortage of items to combine. However, some elements cannot be combined with others. This means that some combinations will make more discoveries, and others will make less.

A cheat sheet in Little Alchemy will help you keep track of the various elements, so that you can combine them. The cheat sheet will tell you which combinations you can create, which makes your game that much easier to play. It will also help you get all 580 elements, which means you won't have any trouble getting them.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs in Little Alchemy are fun ways to get more experience in the game. These fun items are created by combining two main components. These items are hidden in the game, and are only visible to you if you know how to find them. The first way to find them is by long pressing an item. This way, you'll know what it's made of and how to combine them.

When combining different elements, remember that life is the most powerful element and can be combined with other elements to create anything from a robot to a family.

For instance, life and metal can create a robot. Or, you can combine life and earth to create a human or a family of animals. You can even combine life with dough or corpses to make a living being.